Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #21: Lula Asplund & Kyle Bates

Lula Asplund and Kyle Bates’s new album, The Matinee, is something of a marvel to me. It’s a long, winding journey that always feels close and vulnerable. There’s something hypnotic in the shifting soundscapes and the way Asplund and Bates help us navigate through the changing aural spaces. Perhaps most remarkable is that it was mostly recorded live, showing the duo’s connection and understanding of their unique sonic language. For this mix, they put together a selection of personal influences that fit the feeling of the project.

The Matinee is out now on Whited Sepulchre. 


Ulver – Een Stemme Locker (0:00)
Asmus Tietchens – Viertes Nachtstück (3:57)
Meredith Monk – Dusk (7:56)
Ô Paon – Fille Tannée (10:28)
gs70 – my body is a temple/outro (14:28)
Coil – Higher Beings Command (20:47)
Laetitia Sonami – What Happened (24:56)
Woo – It’s Love (32:02)
Xopher Davidson – VII.Elegy (35:01)
Low – Kind of Girl (43:35)
Maggi Payne – Back to Forth (46:56)
Raum – Revolving door (52:40)
Ida – Post Prom Disorder (59:15)
Deep Listening Band – Seven-Up (63:00)
Hildegard von Bingen – O splendidissima gemma (O most splendid gem) (65:35)
King Crimson – Starless (live in Central Park) (69:52)

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