Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #58: Elijah McLaughlin

As fall has finally arrived here in Tulsa (at least for a week or so), the gilded resonance of Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble’s latest album has hit a little deeper. There’s something about these golden-hued songs and delicate arrangements that lend themselves to the current season in a special way. With that, I was thrilled when Elijah shared this mix of music that he was listening … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #58: Elijah McLaughlin

Video Premiere: Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble “Confluence”

The movement of light and shapes in Timothy Breen’s video for “Confluence,” off Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble’s new album, focuses the fading daylight into an emotional cascade. McLaughlin’s lilting fingerpicked guitar melody hangs like a phantom between the waves of light. It’s a song where the weight of feeling stuck in between sharpens to a point. Joel Styzens bends magic sonorities from the hammered dulcimer while … Continue reading Video Premiere: Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble “Confluence”

Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble “II”

Night falls, but the light remains. Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble’s latest foray into the spaces between acoustic guitar explorations, chamber music, and organic folk is too bright to extinguish. Written and recorded during a time of uncertainty and darkness, II is bright and urgent. McLaughlin’s compositions ride a silver thread through winding corridors where danger and distraction hang off the edge like moss.  Existential focus emerges in the … Continue reading Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble “II”