Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #58: Elijah McLaughlin

As fall has finally arrived here in Tulsa (at least for a week or so), the gilded resonance of Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble’s latest album has hit a little deeper. There’s something about these golden-hued songs and delicate arrangements that lend themselves to the current season in a special way. With that, I was thrilled when Elijah shared this mix of music that he was listening to while they made the record. It’s a lovely footnote to a beautiful album.

Don Cherry- Degi – Degi
Charles Runback – Hometown Heros
Rene Hell – E.S. Des Grauens In Fifths
James Blackshaw – Cloud Of Unknowing
Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas – Anemometer
Papa M – Arundel
Steve Reich – Octet
Arnold Dreyblatt and The Orchestra of Excited Strings – Harmonics
Toumani Diabate and Ballake Sissoko – Bi Lambam
Sonny Sharrock – As We Used to Sing
Eli Winter – Brain on Ice
Talk Talk – After the Flood
Daniel Bachman – The Flower Tree
Lia Kohl – First Picture of the Weather Pattern
Chicago Underground Quartet – A Re-Occurring Dream
jaimie branch- Theme 002 (Live)

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