Flanger Magazine “After the Bend”

After the fall, time stands hopeless and still. Possibilities stream in as an endless river. Stars shine again. Any beginning is still a beginning. After the Bend finds Flanger Magazine’s Chris Bush joined by a host of companions. From former Caboladies compatriots Eric Lanham and Benjamin Zoellner to Frekons’ (Freakwater + Mekons) Anna Krippenstapel and Equipment Pointed Ankh’s Jim Marlowe, this ensemble from the wilds illuminates After the … Continue reading Flanger Magazine “After the Bend”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #33: Roadhouse

Roadhouse keeps grabbing my attention, first as part of the stellar Equipment Pointed Ankh and now with two new solo records, Aladdin Sales and Supernatural XS, both out now on Sophomore Lounge. Roadhouse gets into weird grooves and sprawls all over the map, finding wild rides from coast to coast all while firmly planted in Kentucky. He goes from one trial to the next, dropping genres like wine bottles from … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #33: Roadhouse

Equipment Pointed Ankh “Without Human Permission”

Louisville has got to be, still, one of the most underappreciated hotspots for experimental music in the country. Equipment Pointed Ankh has been concocting a whole planet of sonic weirdness for a while now, but none of that prepared me for the kaleidoscopic acid carnival of Without Human Permission. This record is such an amazing trip. With Astral Spirits’ sister label, Astral Editions, there’s no real … Continue reading Equipment Pointed Ankh “Without Human Permission”