Foxy Digitalis Mix #33: Roadhouse

Roadhouse keeps grabbing my attention, first as part of the stellar Equipment Pointed Ankh and now with two new solo records, Aladdin Sales and Supernatural XS, both out now on Sophomore Lounge. Roadhouse gets into weird grooves and sprawls all over the map, finding wild rides from coast to coast all while firmly planted in Kentucky. He goes from one trial to the next, dropping genres like wine bottles from a skyscraper. And it’s a damn fine vintage this year, too.

Get stuck into this mix, lovingly titled ROADMUZIK, and then grab those LPs!


Jim Shepard “Exile on Brown Street”
Three Legged Race “Dr. Wrong Element”
Ross 134 “Hybrids II”
DJ Fila & Rod “The Chewin”
Dr. Alimantado “I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali”
Butthole Surfers “Graveyard”
DJ Hank “Walkk the Talkk”
DJ Premier “Too Perverted (Jeru The Damaja)”
Continental OP “Glock”
Pierre Bastien “Seven Eyes”
Alastair Galbraith “Meatwork”
Robert Turman “Lotek”
Delroy Edwards “Butterflies”
Vermonster “Grease Of The Yak”
Kosmos “Tetris”
Mr. Fingers “Can You Feel It”
Black Devil “Timing, Forget the Timing”
Shit and Shine “Shit No!”
Parabellum “Maleficio”
George Strait “The Cowboy Rides Away”

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