At the Edge of Sound With Lawrence English

Lawrence English is a one-person force of nature. Between his label, Room 40, various solo and collaborative projects, his own writing, and so much more it’s a wonder he finds time to breathe. Truthfully, this unerring, forward-pushing nature is something I deeply relate to, and seeing and hearing all that English has accomplished this year alone is a big source of inspiration. But this conversation … Continue reading At the Edge of Sound With Lawrence English

Bethan Kellough “Gravity + Sand”

The intensity of buzzing insects turns into a moving meditation on impermanence and what lies beyond on the incredible opening track of Gravity + Sand, “A Song of Wings.” Not dissimilar to the hypnosis-through-constant-movement of Ted Byrnes’ Moving My Body Through Space, the frenetic sonic mayhem of the swarm becomes strangely comforting just as Bethan Kellough’s monumental synth swells fade in. The massive chords hang … Continue reading Bethan Kellough “Gravity + Sand”

Video Premiere: Lawrence English “A Mirror Holds the Sky”

Two exciting new projects from Lawrence English are being announced today, both long in the works and finely ripe for picking.  First up is A Mirror Holds the Sky, a collection culled from over 50 hours over field recordings English and his wife, Rebecca, made during a 2008 visit to the Amazon. English’s visit was facilitated by Francisco Lopez’s Mamori Artlab residency and almost 13 … Continue reading Video Premiere: Lawrence English “A Mirror Holds the Sky”

Into the Prisms of Iu Takahashi

Iu Takahashi creates worlds out of everyday sounds that feel otherworldly. Her music is delicate, almost fragile in a way that leaves me breathless. Timeless motifs weave their way through increate sound design and expertly captured field recordings. On her latest album, Late in Life, on Regional Attraction, she rides under a shroud of mystery while exlpornig organic, aural passages. Reflective moments wind their way … Continue reading Into the Prisms of Iu Takahashi

Alexandra Spence “A Necessary Softness”

Room40’s new tape series is off to a banner start with releases from Alan Licht and this gem from Alexandra Spence. A Necessary Softness is a heady journey into distilled landscapes and an exploration of the ways in which sound brings those spaces to life. The pieces on A Necessary Softness (such a great, apt title too) have a tactility to them, physical objects emanating … Continue reading Alexandra Spence “A Necessary Softness”

Norman W Long “Black Space in Winter”

The description of this piece says so much: “These recordings offer us a way to listen to communities of color by listening for the ecological, economic and residential life that make up the community.” Norman W Long assembles a selection of field recordings, combined with other composed sounds, to present a reflection on how sound shapes the world. It’s an eye-opening and captivating offering, familiar … Continue reading Norman W Long “Black Space in Winter”