Video Premiere: Lawrence English “A Mirror Holds the Sky”

Two exciting new projects from Lawrence English are being announced today, both long in the works and finely ripe for picking. 

First up is A Mirror Holds the Sky, a collection culled from over 50 hours over field recordings English and his wife, Rebecca, made during a 2008 visit to the Amazon. English’s visit was facilitated by Francisco Lopez’s Mamori Artlab residency and almost 13 years later, the experience remains a profound memory. The recordings on A Mirror Holds the Sky is deeply affecting, presented in their untouched form. Of note is that English’s wife, Rebecca, also contributes, which offers a new, different perspective and enhances the immersive listening experience overall. The quality of these pieces makes it feel as though you’re immersed in the rainforest as life teems all around. Beautiful. 

The video, like the recordings, presents barely-processed captures along with snippets of the recordings and is the perfect taste of a truly special release.

Additionally, English and Room40 have also announced the release of Breathing Spirit Form, a recording from English, David Toop, and Akio Suzuki. Recorded during a residency in 2013 at Tamborine Mountain, the trio record a series of site-specific, environment-led improvisations that capture a sense of space and the location’s natural organic sound.

Both releases are out September 3rd via Room 40 and each CD release also includes a book of material related to the album. A Mirror Holds the Sky features photographs English took in the Amazon while Breathing Spirit Form has a text from David Toop, drawings from Akio Suzuki, and photos from Lawrence English. 

As he nears the completion of his 45th revolution around the sun, Lawrence English continues to surprise and delight with an inspiring array of sonic artistry.

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