Foxy Digitalis Favorites 2022: Regional Attraction

Portland, Oregon’s Regional Attraction has been pretty quiet in 2022, but the one album they released, David Lackner’s Waiting For Sunday, is fantastic. Label boss Andrew Heuback is a longtime friend and collaborator who has turned me on to so much good music through the years, I had to hear where his head has been throughout 2022. Some words from Heuback about this mix: This … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Favorites 2022: Regional Attraction

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #50: Dividers

Every time I listen to Dividers, I get lost in an ever-shifting haze. The lens continues to widen as the project evolves as a solo endeavor from Sam Miller, dipping toes into cosmic fried country and liminal Americana. The music scratches at the edges of familiarity but is doused in such a heady spectral bath that it becomes its own sonic entanglement. Earlier this year, … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #50: Dividers

Flanger Magazine “After the Bend”

After the fall, time stands hopeless and still. Possibilities stream in as an endless river. Stars shine again. Any beginning is still a beginning. After the Bend finds Flanger Magazine’s Chris Bush joined by a host of companions. From former Caboladies compatriots Eric Lanham and Benjamin Zoellner to Frekons’ (Freakwater + Mekons) Anna Krippenstapel and Equipment Pointed Ankh’s Jim Marlowe, this ensemble from the wilds illuminates After the … Continue reading Flanger Magazine “After the Bend”