Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #50: Dividers

Every time I listen to Dividers, I get lost in an ever-shifting haze. The lens continues to widen as the project evolves as a solo endeavor from Sam Miller, dipping toes into cosmic fried country and liminal Americana. The music scratches at the edges of familiarity but is doused in such a heady spectral bath that it becomes its own sonic entanglement. Earlier this year, Primordial Void released Crime of Passion, an interdimensional reverie of honky tonk ambiance. In the meantime, Miller is preparing new treats (one of which can be heard on this stellar mix). Watch this space.

Negativland— A Big 10-8 Place (snippet)
Tuning Circuits— Non Believer (Looking Out of the Window on Sunday Version)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers— StarChild’s Birth
Earth— Agni Detonating Over Thar Desert…
Alice Coltrane— Jagarishwar
Dividers— the Path (unreleased)
Matrix— See Off
Suicide— Tough Guy
Flanger Magazine— Reservoir
Looper Trio— the Unseen Hand
Faust— Track 2
Marcel Sletten— I Miss You
Shabbat— Summers Out of Reach
the KLF— Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul

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