Starbirthed “Reflections of the Samith”

Whenever there’s a new Starbirthed album, the world should rejoice. The duo of Ash Brooks and Matt LaJoie tap into some seriously ethereal waves on Reflections of the Samith, drifting in and out of space like beings of light. Across 41 minutes, Brooks and LaJoie levitate sonic ephemera, bending these extraterrestrial missives into the sound of a new dawn. Brooks billowing synths are like a soft … Continue reading Starbirthed “Reflections of the Samith”

Thick Air “Transorbital Cantrips”

Matt LaJoie’s organ and synth project, Thick Air, is such a great change of pace from what I normally expect from his work. Transorbital Cantrips kicks things off by going full boar channeling the rippling arpeggios and glowing patterns of Terry Riley into a spiraling astral projection on “Sky-Clad Robes.” LaJoie is incandescent, traveling into the deep cosmos, surfing the sound waves like a gilded celestial being. … Continue reading Thick Air “Transorbital Cantrips”

The Electric Rubicon #3: Time-Lag Records

Time-Lag Records is one of the best labels of all-time for my money. If you have any interest in free, psychedelic music you’ve likely crossed paths with something the label put out at some point or another. The likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Charalambides, and MV & EE all had early releases on Time-Lag and some of those records remain among their best work … Continue reading The Electric Rubicon #3: Time-Lag Records

Matt LaJoie “Paraclete Tongue”

Including Matt LaJoie’s 2020 masterpiece Everlasting Spring as part of Foxy Digitalis’ reintroduction to the world was intentional. LaJoie’s music not only brought boundless positive energy to a year in desperate need of it, it also inspired my own work in new, unexpected ways. As I listened to that album on repeat, words and images swirled in my head to the point I started making … Continue reading Matt LaJoie “Paraclete Tongue”

Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future

Picking up old threads as 2013 bleeds into 2021. Hello again… On January 31st, 2013 when I pressed ‘publish’ on the final installment of my long-running column, The Long Decline, I 100% believed that was the end of Foxy Digitalis in any form. I hadn’t dropped any hints or made any announcements leading up to the formal declaration I made in that piece, but I had … Continue reading Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future