Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #10: ML Wah

Tomorrow, Matt LaJoie’s (as ML Wah) Mirrored Night is officially released. I have a lot of admiration LaJoie at the best of times, but it’s ticked up a few notches with the release of his first solo piano album. There’s a real vulnerability to not just the music itself, but the approach and mindset he has with this release. It’s a fantastic example of pushing into new, perhaps uncomfortable spaces as an artist, not worrying so much about the results, but focusing on the spirit with which the music is created. It just so happens that Mirrored Night is lovely, but part of that comes from LaJoie’s openness and honesty conveyed throughout. Pick up a copy via Flower Room HERE.

For his Foxy Digitalis mix, LaJoie collects some of his favorite piano music and work that inspired Mirrored Night. Listening to these pieces, it’s easy to feel a connection.

Leo Svirsky – “Trembling Instants” from River Without Banks
Kafari – “#4” from Meditations
Green-House – “Peace Piece” from SC25 Anniversary
Sun Ra – “Quiet Ecstasy” from Aurora Borealis
Alice Coltrane – “One For The Father” from Piano Jazz Radio
David Lopato – “Giant Mbira” from Giant Mbira
Charlemagne Palestine – “Strumming Music” (excerpt) from Strumming Music
Keith Jarrett – “Part IIa” (excerpt) from The Koln Concert
Jordan De La Sierra – “Sphere Of Sublime Dances” (excerpt) from Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose
Upper Astral – “Skybirds” from Skybirds
Amelia Courthouse – “Becker” from Ruby Glass
Lonnie Liston Smith – “Aspirations” from Astral Traveling
Laraaji – “Temple Of New Light” from Sun Piano
ML Wah – “Faith Is Fate” from The Afternoon’s Embrace

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