The Capsule Garden Vol 1.19: May 27, 2022

Missed last week due to being under the weather, but back in action with a stack of new music to end this super ugly week. Felidae Katla (Full Spectrum) It can be difficult to capture the potency of a specific moment in time where planets align just right and that tenuous sliver of magic reveals itself, but Felidae (the duo of Sharmi Basu and Fanciulla Gentile) capture … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.19: May 27, 2022

Video Premiere: Jordan Glenn “The Carousel”

Intermittent patterns emerge in the repetitions of Jordan Glenn’s “The Carousel” from his forthcoming album on Full Spectrum, Flustered. Glenn is a Mills College alumnus and Bay Area stalwart having played with the likes of Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, and others while leading the percussion-heavy ensemble BEAK. While his work in various groups and ensembles is prolific and extensive, opportunities for solo performance have … Continue reading Video Premiere: Jordan Glenn “The Carousel”

Frog Jazz is Real: An Interview With CC Sorensen

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Some music just hits in the perfect way. We all have those sweet spots that are hard to explain, but when an artist finds that knife’s edge, we’re all in. CC Sorensen’s music is like that for me. Though their newest album, Twin Mirror, is the pinnacle of their sound (so … Continue reading Frog Jazz is Real: An Interview With CC Sorensen

CC Sorensen “Twin Mirror”

We’re heading for the lilypads. We’re living a futurist frog jazz lifestyle. There’s nothing to be done about it but sway and smile. CC Sorensen is a wizard and on their most fully-realized work yet, Twin Mirror, a sanguine aquatic landscape billows into existence, swathed with the richest of details and imbued with a silken aural luxuriousness that has me floating through the weirdest corridors in … Continue reading CC Sorensen “Twin Mirror”

Maya Weeks “Tethers”

Tethers is many things, but most importantly it’s a rumination on what is possible if we can just stop a take a long, deep breath. Something mystical permeates the aqueous field recordings, intimate synth meanderings, and vulnerable voice memos that are light in their approach but tread heavily in their outcomes. Maya Weeks is an accomplished writer, artist, and geographer, but Tethers is her sonic debut that stitches … Continue reading Maya Weeks “Tethers”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #26: Nick Zanca

Nick Zanca’s Cacerolazo continues to get near-daily rotations here, new sounds and ideas revealing themselves each time. It’s such an immersive listening experience for me and is an album that might seem challenging at first, but is so listenable once it sets in.  Nick put together this stellar mix-ish. In his own words: “It’s less of a proper mix, and more of a curated selection of favorite … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #26: Nick Zanca

Nick Zanca “Cacerolazo”

Cacerolazo is a departure for Nick Zanca in many ways; from his Mister Lies moniker and especially from the sonic fields where I’m used to finding him. Built around field recordings captured in 2013 while Zanca was at a tour stop in Turkey, he turns these cathartic and, at times, ominous captured moments into an intimate self-reflection. With each subsequent listen, the breadth of emotion in … Continue reading Nick Zanca “Cacerolazo”

Nick Zanca Steps Back to Move Forward

It’s always interesting to me when someone steps away from a project or moniker, especially if it’s got a decent-sized following and a fair bit of history. I might be alone in this, but whatever immediately follows that decision is something I want to investigate. Nick Zanca dropped his Mister Lies moniker and comes in heavy with his first release under his own name, Cacerolazo. It’s … Continue reading Nick Zanca Steps Back to Move Forward

CC Sorensen / Gretchen Korsmo “Field Patterns”

Green open spaces come to life on this dazzling collaboration between two of Texas’s best, CC Sorensen and Gretchen Korsmo. Collaborating remotely, the duo fills the distance with thoughtful, resonant landscapes and the sound of stars falling in the West Texas expanse. Disappearing into the parched terrain, Korsmo’s magnetic passages on Rhodes are like light arrows, small, lightweight, and impossibly sharp. Floating above a dagger’s … Continue reading CC Sorensen / Gretchen Korsmo “Field Patterns”

Gretchen Korsmo “Cloud Juice”

On this first solo release from Full Spectrum’s better half, Gretchen Korsmo channels the sublime. “Really Good at Digging Holes” drops to the Earth from a sacred space, finding expression in the empty spaces between dust particles held aloft by unseen spirits. Korsmo’s voice, a spectre against the wind as methodic keys wander forlornly into the night. Weightless rattles drag behind while chimes glisten like … Continue reading Gretchen Korsmo “Cloud Juice”