Video Premiere: Jordan Glenn “The Carousel”

Intermittent patterns emerge in the repetitions of Jordan Glenn’s “The Carousel” from his forthcoming album on Full Spectrum, Flustered. Glenn is a Mills College alumnus and Bay Area stalwart having played with the likes of Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, and others while leading the percussion-heavy ensemble BEAK. While his work in various groups and ensembles is prolific and extensive, opportunities for solo performance have been rare.

“The Carousel” is rhythmic and unexpected. Glenn uses his augmented drum kit to create thrumming webs where melodies are a surprise and an emotional undercurrent rides beneath the clamor. Using instruments he’s built through the years, “The Carousel” hums with energy and curiosity that echoes through the mesmerizing glitches and movements in this video. Recorded by the great Zachary James Watkins, Flustered will be released on May 13 by Full Spectrum.

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