Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”

Everything disintegrates eventually. Whether it sinks back into the soil or eviscerates itself into ephemera, sucked back into the open air, permanence isn’t real. Across more than two hours, Bellerue and a crew consisting of some of the foremost artists in the avant garde and free improvisation world ratchet up a bevy of combustible tensions, working feedback to the furthest reaches and surprising depths. Opener … Continue reading Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”

fluke-mogul / Liberatore / Mattrey / Mendoza “Death In the Gilded Age”

When it comes to dream teams of improvisers, there’s honestly about a million different combinations that would qualify. That said, this quartet of gabby fluke-mogul, Matteo Liberatore, Joanna Mattrey, and Ava Mendoza is right near the top of any list. Death In the Gilded Age is like looking through backward through time with a rusted-out kaleidoscope and realizing there’s a thousand different angles to see. … Continue reading fluke-mogul / Liberatore / Mattrey / Mendoza “Death In the Gilded Age”

gabby fluke-mogul “threshold”

I’ve been sitting with this album for a while now, trying to come up with something cohesive to write about and continually falling short. Truth is, gabby fluke-mogul’s threshold is one of the most intense and captivating releases of 2021 so far. These six pieces mostly for violin bristle and connect on a physical level. It’s as if mogul is performing an exorcism on this haunted instrument, … Continue reading gabby fluke-mogul “threshold”