Frank Meadows Remembers 2022

Frank Meadows made one of my favorite ‘singer-songwriter’ records of 2022 with Dead Weight, and further, contributed so much great music to the world with label he helps run, Dear Life Records. Frank and I had been talking about him doing a mix for a while, but life kept interfering with the timing of it, so I’m thrilled he had some downtime to put together this look back at 2022. Check out the BNDCMPR playlist as you dig through (and be sure to check out Frank’s record!) – ed.

VOCAL + SONG MUSIC: playlist

A playlist of some of my favorite tracks from my favorite song / singing based albums of 2022. Non-hierarchical but selected more in their relationships to each other and what they show collectively about songcraft. Some were released by Dear Life Records, the label I help run.

Lambchop – ‘Every Child Begins the World Again’ from ‘The Bible’

Friendship – ‘Ugly Little Victory’ from ‘Love the Stranger’

The World Without Parking Lots – ‘Ethan’s New Friend’ from ‘You’ll Have to Take My Word for It’

Dear Nora – ‘sedona’ from ‘Human Futures’

Fievel is Glaque – ‘My Rebel’ from ‘Flaming Swords’

Editrix – ‘The Hunt‘ / ‘Queering Ska‘ from ‘Editrix II: Editrix Goes To Hell’

Office Culture – ‘A Word‘ from Big Time Things

Big Thief – ‘Little Things’ from ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’

Joan Kelsey – ‘Survivor’ from ‘Standing Out On the Grass

Jana Horn – ‘Optimism’ from ‘Optimism

2nd Grade – ‘Strung Out On You’ from ‘Easy Listening

The Bird Calls – ‘My Life in Hollywood’ from ‘My Life in Hollywood

Frankie Cosmos – ‘One Year Stand‘ from ‘Inner World Peace

Little Mazarn – ‘Lightning in the Water from ‘Texas River Song’

MJ Lenderman – ‘You Are Every Girl To Me’  from ‘Boat Songs

Sun June – ‘Listening to Lambchop By Myself Again’ from Texas Gold: A Comp Benefitting Whole Woman’s Health of Texas


Highly recommended albums in no particular order of inspired and refreshing instrumental music by musicians and ensembles pushing themselves, each other and the medium.

Love, Crystal and Stone’ – TAK Ensemble and Ashkan Behzadi

‘…of Late’ – Jessica Pavone String Ensemble

‘Comradely Objects’ – Horse Lords

‘Oracle’ – Joanna Mattrey / gabby fluke-mogul

‘Pieces and Interludes’ – Eli Wallace

‘Invisibility Is an Unnatural Disaster’ – SSWAN

‘Heard From the Next Room’ – Michael Cormier-O’Leary

‘SPASM’ – JR Samuels

‘DAYTIMES’ – Zekkereya El-magharbel

‘Liverpool’ – Shane Parish


Music from before 2022 that provided fixation and new reference points

Minutemen – Double Nickels on The Dime (1984)

Songs Ohia – Magnolia Electric Company (2003)

Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown (1974)

Joanna Newsom – Divers (2015)

Dijon – Absolutely (2021) (purchase)

George Jones: Live At Austin City Limits (1980)

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