The Capsule Garden Vol 2.3: February 2, 2023

It’s been a week of cold and ice in Tulsa, and we’re going on snow day number four. Everyone feels stir-crazy, so I’m surprised I pulled this column together this week. Still, with Bandcamp Friday looming, there was a pile of music I wanted to write about, so here we are. Speaking of Bandcamp Friday, The Jewel Garden is releasing Country Wifi’s debut, Smoked Bologna Blues. Country Wifi … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 2.3: February 2, 2023

Frank Meadows Remembers 2022

Frank Meadows made one of my favorite ‘singer-songwriter’ records of 2022 with Dead Weight, and further, contributed so much great music to the world with label he helps run, Dear Life Records. Frank and I had been talking about him doing a mix for a while, but life kept interfering with the timing of it, so I’m thrilled he had some downtime to put together … Continue reading Frank Meadows Remembers 2022

Joanna Mattrey “Dirge”

There’s a passage in “Tryst,” the opening piece on Dirge, where Joanna Mattrey breaks free of a hypnotic loop by stretching her Stroh violin’s notes into the night sky. Drifting lazily, holding the grit of the strings in awe, looping aimlessly in the air like a samara seed caught in a wind guest, Mattrey eventually comes back to Earth. “Tryst,” as memorable and satisfying as it is, … Continue reading Joanna Mattrey “Dirge”

fluke-mogul / Liberatore / Mattrey / Mendoza “Death In the Gilded Age”

When it comes to dream teams of improvisers, there’s honestly about a million different combinations that would qualify. That said, this quartet of gabby fluke-mogul, Matteo Liberatore, Joanna Mattrey, and Ava Mendoza is right near the top of any list. Death In the Gilded Age is like looking through backward through time with a rusted-out kaleidoscope and realizing there’s a thousand different angles to see. … Continue reading fluke-mogul / Liberatore / Mattrey / Mendoza “Death In the Gilded Age”