Giant Claw “Mirror Guide”

I hope there are multiple timelines even if the one we’re currently trapped in is bleak and brutal. Somebody somewhere is living a better life where the world isn’t on fire and the people who are supposed to protect us aren’t actively trying to kill us. There’s no utopia anywhere, in any dimension, but there’s at least something better than this. Mirror Guide, Keith Rankin’s latest … Continue reading Giant Claw “Mirror Guide”

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

I always loved our podcasts/mixes section in the previous days of Foxy Digitalis, so of course I’m bringing it back in some form. Plus, it’s an excuse to share more music, which is always a good thing. Regular episodes of this show will hopefully continue into the future. I’d love to have some guests on some time (or guest hosts!) so if that’s something you … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1