Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

I always loved our podcasts/mixes section in the previous days of Foxy Digitalis, so of course I’m bringing it back in some form. Plus, it’s an excuse to share more music, which is always a good thing. Regular episodes of this show will hopefully continue into the future. I’d love to have some guests on some time (or guest hosts!) so if that’s something you might want to do… holler at me.

James Blackshaw “Why Keep Still”
(behind) Ki Oni “Plant Life II” (Sound as Language)
Oui Ennui “V” (Self-Released)
Giant Claw “Mir-Cam Online” (Orange Milk)
Treesearch “So Long” (feat. Celesta Oram) (577 Records)
(behind) Landon Caldwell “Lathe of Heaven” (Trouble In Mind)
Tyler Holmes “Nightmare in Paradise” (Ratskin)
Leven Codex “Immortal”
Endlings “Cither” (Whited Sepulchre)
Spiritual Exit “Seed” (Self-Released)
(behind) See Through 4 “Surrender Before Then” (All-Set!)
Daniel Bachman “Coronach” (Three Lobed)
Tristan Welch “Pleasant Trees” (Self-Released)
James Ginzburg “Outside, Infinite” (Subtext)
Byard Lancaster “Newest African Cities” (Black Fire/Strut)
Matthew J. Rolin “Hallucinations” (Feeding Tube)
(behind) Abul Mogard “Sand” (Ecstatic)
Mdou Moctar “Afrique Victime” (Matador)