Foxy Digitalis Radio #2: Patrick Shiroishi

On the second episode of Foxy Digitalis Radio on Radio Coyote, my guest was one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Patrick Shiroishi. We talked a lot about his magnificent new album, Hidemi, out this month on American Dreams as well as his other recent work that’s been focused on the Japanese concentration camps during WW2. Of course, a conversation with Patrick wouldn’t be complete without a discussion about collaboration … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Radio #2: Patrick Shiroishi

Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

In Derek Monypeny, I’ve found a kindred spirit. We talk a bit about this in the interview, but when I saw him dedicate his incredible opus, The Hand as Dealt, to Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, and Don Cherry, I knew I’d love it. (I mean, I figured I’d be into it considering how much his second album, Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been played in … Continue reading Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

Derek Monypeny “Unjust Intonation”

The desert is forever. Unjust Intonation, part of Trouble in Mind’s stellar Explorer tape series, expands on a few ideas from Monypeny’s fantastic The Hand is Dealt. Across two expansive sides, Monypeny utilizes a time-stretch technique, feeding ringing guitar drones through a processing matrix toward starlit skies where galaxies of dust await. On the A-Side, Monypeny opens things up on “Unjust Intonation Part One” with crystalline shimmer gently billowing … Continue reading Derek Monypeny “Unjust Intonation”

The Mountain Movers “World What World”

New Haven’s Mountain Movers are lifers. Going on 15-years-strong, this quartet is a zonked-out shredfest that flings earworms as readily as they bomb out fried-psych solos. Their latest, World What World, is a dynamic gut-punch filtered through a spectral prism, searching for a solid place to stand in a world that may no longer exist. The journey never ends, though, and inside the fuzz-infused walls of World … Continue reading The Mountain Movers “World What World”

Camila Nebbia & Patrick Shiroishi “The Human Being as a Fragile Article”

Even though Camila Nebbia and Patrick Shiroishi speak Spanish and Japanese, respectively, The Human Being as a Fragile Article is a document of the two saxophonists developing their own common language. Dizzying passages give way to expressive, even poetic reveries as the duo search the world outside for commonalities to scatter into the distance. As Shiroishi roils, spitting out death throes on “El ser humanx como un … Continue reading Camila Nebbia & Patrick Shiroishi “The Human Being as a Fragile Article”

Gardener “I Am Here For A Moment”

All through Dash Lewis’ latest Gardener album, I Am Here For A Moment, runs an ecstatic thread. Electronics swirl through neon-soaked skies, lighting up the night in the last days of summer. Lewis is such an underrated alchemist when it comes to experimental electronic music. Between his stellar recent collaboration with Jeff Zeigler and last year’s Calm Down, he’s hit a vein of form that continually has … Continue reading Gardener “I Am Here For A Moment”

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

I always loved our podcasts/mixes section in the previous days of Foxy Digitalis, so of course I’m bringing it back in some form. Plus, it’s an excuse to share more music, which is always a good thing. Regular episodes of this show will hopefully continue into the future. I’d love to have some guests on some time (or guest hosts!) so if that’s something you … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #1

Tashi Dorji / Ian McColm / Frank Meadows “The Power of Water”

There is never a time where I am not excited to listen to Tashi Dorji play. He’s one of my favorite guitarists on the planet and, especially the past year, a whole slew of collaborations he’s involved in have appeared and, frankly, the world is better for it. On The Power of Water he joins up with longtime pals Frank Meadows on double bass and … Continue reading Tashi Dorji / Ian McColm / Frank Meadows “The Power of Water”