M. Geddes Gengras “Expressed, I Noticed Silence”

Clarity is a double-edged vista. Seeing and hearing things for exactly what they are is beautiful and enticing, but there’s nowhere to hide when structures are built from glass. M. Geddes Gengras’s latest dip for Hausu Mountain is crystal clear and unafraid. Stretched across elegant bass lines, anodyne rhythms, and a sea of nebulous, prismatic synths, Expressed, I Notice Silence is a vast paradise map.  Gengras has … Continue reading M. Geddes Gengras “Expressed, I Noticed Silence”

Hearing Landscapes: An Interview With Norman W. Long

By creating sonic landscapes built around isolated communities and environments, Norman W. Long challenges listeners to consider the relationships between people and nature that exist in post-industrial urban environments where many Black and Brown communities live. Long’s earlier piece this year, Black Space in Winter, and his latest album, Black Brown Gray Green, especially configure these environmental sounds into visceral sonic contexts. His work is imaginative and … Continue reading Hearing Landscapes: An Interview With Norman W. Long

Visions of Love: An Interview with Damiana

Natalie Chami (TALsounds) and Whitney Johnson (Matchess) have incredible solo discographies, but their collaborative project, Damiana, cuts its own diamond path. On their debut, Vines, the duo creates gentle soundscapes that carry serious emotional heft woven through the detailed, ephemeral sonic glass. Each careful listen reveals something new. It’s work that feels timeless and important.  Chami and Johnson answered some questions through July and August. Vines is available … Continue reading Visions of Love: An Interview with Damiana

Video Premiere: d’Eon “Rhododendron pt. 1”

d’Eon turning up on Hausu Mountain this summer with his first physical release in five years was such a fantastic surprise. Rhododendron is a bright, joyous exposition that scales synthetic landscapes and neon mazes. d’Eon has always had this singular, incredible compositional vision that steeps electronics in a whimsical, organic sonic labyrinth.   On “Rhododendron pt. 1,” baroque MIDI weirdness gets filtered through a prismatic lens with plucked strings … Continue reading Video Premiere: d’Eon “Rhododendron pt. 1”

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

New episode, finally! Lots of great tunes lately, so this is only a small taste. Arushi Jain “Richer Than Blood” (Leaving)(behind) Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen “Night Chant” (577 Records)d’Eon “Poplar” (Hausu Mountain)Kasja Lindgren “Momentary Harmony” (Recital Program)New Chance “Fallen” (We Are Time)Joe McPhee, Michael Marcus, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith “Chatreuse Tulips” (Mahakala Music)(behind) Isnaj Dui “Swoon to Death” (Textura)Nick Storring “Frood” (mappa)Body Meπa “Motherwell” … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

Damiana “Vines”

Natalie Chami and Whitney Johnson joining forces on Damiana is a gift. The two Chicago artists hover in the same ether with similar, though still unique, approaches and the melding of their collective energy is spellbinding. Vines brings together sky-gazing synth arpeggios, viola dreams, and their twin voices into a femme-centered sonic glasshouse. Chami and Johnson intertwine, flourishing in the connective tissue of these four songs. Emotional … Continue reading Damiana “Vines”

Good Willsmith “HausLive 2: Good Willsmith at Sleeping Village, 4/25/2019”

During the latter days of the second Foxy Digitalis insurgent (what?), Good Willsmith put out one of my favorite records (2014’s The Honeymoon Workbook). I haven’t kept up with them as much since as I should have, but this live recording is stellar and unexpected. These loose jams suck you through a time warp, throwing psych-infused melancholic shredding through a prog prism. Even if “Not … Continue reading Good Willsmith “HausLive 2: Good Willsmith at Sleeping Village, 4/25/2019”