Video Premiere: d’Eon “Rhododendron pt. 1”

d’Eon turning up on Hausu Mountain this summer with his first physical release in five years was such a fantastic surprise. Rhododendron is a bright, joyous exposition that scales synthetic landscapes and neon mazes. d’Eon has always had this singular, incredible compositional vision that steeps electronics in a whimsical, organic sonic labyrinth.  

On “Rhododendron pt. 1,” baroque MIDI weirdness gets filtered through a prismatic lens with plucked strings and effervescent flutes flitting about like dragonflies. In the video from the incredible Stiner Bros, stop motion animation is laced with bananas digital effects and multimedia oddities to create a strangely endearing nightmare zone that somehow manages to perfectly capture the song’s vibe. It’s unreal and incredible. 

Rhododendron is out now on Hausu Mountain.

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