Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad “Wake”

Across eight translucent vistas, Rosa Beach Mason and Sean Conrad commune with ephemeral environments, translating lost lands into meditative expanses. Wake carries a gentleness through its intentional acoustics and ethereal voices, but this music carries significant weight. Mason and Conrad aren’t simply levitating through the aural flow, they’re constructing new mystic waves. Mason’s wordless vocals are the illuminated guideposts throughout Wake; a point of elegiac connection in an … Continue reading Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad “Wake”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #38: Channelers

On Channelers newest album, Another Entrance, Sean Conrad opens this beautiful, shimmering world with two resonating piano notes. He lets them hang for a few extra moments before repeating them and sailing off toward the aqueous horizon. It sets the intentions of the entire album, welcoming listeners to drift with him in his search for his own kind of devotional music. Another Entrance is a little bit of … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #38: Channelers

Singing the Colorado Wilds: An Interview With Golden Brown

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. When I heard Golden Brown (aka Stefan Beck) was releasing his new album, Gems and Minerals, on the Inner Islands label, it made a lot of sense. As one of my favorite labels around right now, Beck’s rich and soothing sonic worlds feel right at home in the label’s carefully curated world.  Beck’s … Continue reading Singing the Colorado Wilds: An Interview With Golden Brown

Golden Brown “Gems and Minerals”

Pastoral scenes carry their own weight on Golden Brown’s verdant new album, Gems and Minerals. This is the wilderness I want to get lost in. As the solo vehicle for Colorado’s Stefan Beck, Golden Brown has always offered a type of gentle and expansive sonic reverie. Worlds where crystal blue rivers wind across lush landscapes, where skies shift from every shade of gray to pink and … Continue reading Golden Brown “Gems and Minerals”