Foxy Digitalis Mix #38: Channelers

On Channelers newest album, Another Entrance, Sean Conrad opens this beautiful, shimmering world with two resonating piano notes. He lets them hang for a few extra moments before repeating them and sailing off toward the aqueous horizon. It sets the intentions of the entire album, welcoming listeners to drift with him in his search for his own kind of devotional music. Another Entrance is a little bit of magic in a weary landscape.

When I asked Sean to make a mix for Foxy Digitalis, I didn’t suggest any kind of theme, but this hour of cosmic keys is a gift. Conrad’s description of “a collection of pieces focused on solo piano performances (at times subtly augmented), which all have elements of improvisation and a focused, meditative atmosphere, as if possessed or at least with one foot in another realm,” could just as easily be a description of Another Entrance (well, save for the solo piano part). This one hits just as sweet in the early hours of the morning or late at night, settling in to find rest.

Another Entrance is out now on Inner Islands.


Lonnie Liston Smith – “A Garden Of Peace” (Dreams Of Tomorrow)
Popol Vuh – “Spirit Of Peace” (Spirit Of Peace)
John Carroll Kirby – “Sant’Anna” (Tuscany)
Alice Coltrane – “Prema” (Piano Jazz Radio)
Channelers – “So It Be” (Isles Beyond)
Joanna Brouk – “Going Through The Veil – Becoming A Swan” (Hearing Music)
Jordan De La Sierra – “Temple Of Aesthetic Action” (Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose)
Michael Harrison – “Vision In The Desert” (Revelation)
Kelly Moran – “Water Music (Piano Solo)” (Origin EP)
Michael Vincent Waller – “Stolen Moments” (Moments)

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