Foxy Digitalis Favorites 2022: Regional Attraction

Portland, Oregon’s Regional Attraction has been pretty quiet in 2022, but the one album they released, David Lackner’s Waiting For Sunday, is fantastic. Label boss Andrew Heuback is a longtime friend and collaborator who has turned me on to so much good music through the years, I had to hear where his head has been throughout 2022. Some words from Heuback about this mix: This … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Favorites 2022: Regional Attraction

Foxy Digitalis Mix #38: Channelers

On Channelers newest album, Another Entrance, Sean Conrad opens this beautiful, shimmering world with two resonating piano notes. He lets them hang for a few extra moments before repeating them and sailing off toward the aqueous horizon. It sets the intentions of the entire album, welcoming listeners to drift with him in his search for his own kind of devotional music. Another Entrance is a little bit of … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #38: Channelers