The Capsule Garden Vol 1.3: January 28, 2022

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. I may have gone a little overboard with this week’s installment, but it was the first ‘normal-ish’ (and I mean, pandemic-normal so still totally fucked up) week we’ve had since the start of the year and I listened to a ton of new music. No apologies, though, because this is … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.3: January 28, 2022

Video Premiere: Iu Takahashi “Oblivion”

Iu Takahashi’s impressive body of work continues to grow, this time with a stunning video for “Oblivion” from her moving, graceful Late in Life. Directed by Hirofumi Beppu, the slow-moving imagery of the video is like a distillation of the way memories distort and fade over time.  In the opening swells, Takahashi is a guide. Metallic drones shift beneath our feet, echoing the unease that permeates … Continue reading Video Premiere: Iu Takahashi “Oblivion”

Into the Prisms of Iu Takahashi

Iu Takahashi creates worlds out of everyday sounds that feel otherworldly. Her music is delicate, almost fragile in a way that leaves me breathless. Timeless motifs weave their way through increate sound design and expertly captured field recordings. On her latest album, Late in Life, on Regional Attraction, she rides under a shroud of mystery while exlpornig organic, aural passages. Reflective moments wind their way … Continue reading Into the Prisms of Iu Takahashi

Iu Takahashi “Late in Life”

Late in Life is my first exposure to Iu Takahashi and since first listening to it a few weeks ago, I find myself continually drawn back to its warm presence. Slow moving compositions unfold in ways that are relaxed yet covered in an air of mystery. Takahashi’s touch is gentle, never pushing too far and opting for subtle movements and soft pronouncements instead of something … Continue reading Iu Takahashi “Late in Life”