Video Premiere: Iu Takahashi “Oblivion”

Iu Takahashi’s impressive body of work continues to grow, this time with a stunning video for “Oblivion” from her moving, graceful Late in Life. Directed by Hirofumi Beppu, the slow-moving imagery of the video is like a distillation of the way memories distort and fade over time. 

In the opening swells, Takahashi is a guide. Metallic drones shift beneath our feet, echoing the unease that permeates the days and weeks following a loss. We move through the same world as before, yet we are not fully present. Everything is different: the sights, smells, the way the air moves. Takahashi brilliantly translates this feeling into the gentle, aching pads of “Oblivion” and in the way it hangs precipitously in the air. Beppu’s imagery captures these ideas with aplomb, adding even more weight to an already heavy song.

Late in Life is out now on Regional Attraction. Read more about Iu Takahashi’s work in this interview Foxy Digitalis published earlier this year.

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