Joel St. Julien “Masking”

It often feels like that light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is permanently out of reach. Darkness is always creeping two, three steps ahead. On Masking, though, Joel St. Julien finds a way through. Learning about the idea of “masking” and gaining a deeper understanding of his neurodivergence while realizing how much he’d been hiding his personal struggles became a jumping-off point for St. … Continue reading Joel St. Julien “Masking”

Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Following up his incredible 2021 album, Empathy, Joel St. Julien turns his sites toward newfound personal discoveries and finding self-acceptance on Masking. “Everythingischangingallthetime” is only just over a minute long, but its harmonic shapes grow into an eloquent reflection; a sonic mirror on the fluidity of being and understanding our own inner space. These shifts are heightened by Jay Adams’s (at For Placement Only™) excellent video. It’s … Continue reading Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

The Profound Empathy of Joel St. Julien

Joel St. Julien is a Haitian-American multidisciplinary artist based out of San Francisco and his excellent new album, Empathy, is a light against the darkness. St. Julien creates vast worlds with sound, transporting listeners who give themselves over to his sonic concoctions and offering spaces to escape and explore. With Empathy, I was continually struck by how beautiful it is even though it’s borne from the bleak … Continue reading The Profound Empathy of Joel St. Julien

Joel St. Julien “Empathy”

There’s a certain power in confronting bleakness by turning it on its head and creating a warm, safe place beyond its reach. Haitian-American composer Joel St. Julien built his own sonic universe during the depths of early 2021 when the pandemic raged and it was hard to know what each day would bring. Empathy is lush, full of vibrant hues and beautiful vistas where possibility rings like … Continue reading Joel St. Julien “Empathy”