Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Following up his incredible 2021 album, Empathy, Joel St. Julien turns his sites toward newfound personal discoveries and finding self-acceptance on Masking. “Everythingischangingallthetime” is only just over a minute long, but its harmonic shapes grow into an eloquent reflection; a sonic mirror on the fluidity of being and understanding our own inner space. These shifts are heightened by Jay Adams’s (at For Placement Only™) excellent video. It’s short but powerful and ties the album together with a flourish. 

On the penultimate track, “Le Grand Finale,” the awakening ripples through every synapse and every capillary. Rich details permeate every inch of our bodies as St. Julien’s shimmering soundscapes bolt into life. A beat drops. The skies open. This is not the life we knew, but the celebration of something new, something better. This is one of my favorite pieces of music from 2022 so far. Tears streaming, the light beckons us to keep moving forward.

Masking will be released on June 10 by Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Pre-order HERE.

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