Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Following up his incredible 2021 album, Empathy, Joel St. Julien turns his sites toward newfound personal discoveries and finding self-acceptance on Masking. “Everythingischangingallthetime” is only just over a minute long, but its harmonic shapes grow into an eloquent reflection; a sonic mirror on the fluidity of being and understanding our own inner space. These shifts are heightened by Jay Adams’s (at For Placement Only™) excellent video. It’s … Continue reading Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Video Premiere: Dorian Wood “Invasiva”

Somewhere near the midpoint of Dorian Wood’s incalculable Invasiva where time and place lose all meaning. So encompassing is Wood’s piece that, if given the proper attention, all waypoints and convergences disappear leaving us still and alone with this sonic framework. Pensive drones illuminate the emptiness with restrained purpose. This meditation on the fear of isolation brims with harsh emotions where the sharp edges are honed by … Continue reading Video Premiere: Dorian Wood “Invasiva”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #5: Yann Novak

Yann Novak’s sound worlds are dense, threaded with an emotional dexterity that adds such depth and nuance that I find it near-impossible not to completely lose myself in his work. His most recent album, Lifeblood of Light and Rapture, floored me the more I’d listen. Further to that, there’s a real care to his work that elevates each piece and keeps me returning to find different … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #5: Yann Novak

Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

Mexican sound artists Alejandro Morse, Cian, and Eduardo Padilla come together for the first time on their new album, Einarth, coming soon via Dragon’s Eye Recordings. The trio’s respective orbits have often run parallel but have finally collided. This music, recorded just before the pandemic on a rooftop in León, Mexico, grinds the veneer of ceremonial dust into a fine powder before dispersing it back out … Continue reading Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

Inside and Within: An Interview With Gabie Strong

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Gabie Strong says a lot without words through her work and her practice. Since her work is typically built around live performance, she had to shift her approach and find new ways to channel her expressions. Her latest album, Wilding Sun, is firmly situated within outdoor spaces even while she extracts … Continue reading Inside and Within: An Interview With Gabie Strong

Gabie Strong “Wilding Sun”

Wilding Sun is officially out on Friday, November 12 via Dragon’s Eye Recordings and Foxy Digitalis is thrilled to present this exclusive stream of the full album. Pick up a copy today! There’s an overwhelming sense of impermanence that saturates the expansive views of Gabie Strong’s Wilding Sun. Across four sprawling pieces, Strong conjures a set of spells that etch messages into stone before dissipating headlong … Continue reading Gabie Strong “Wilding Sun”

Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Gabie Strong’s new album for Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Wilding Sun, is immersive and sonically dense. Opening track, “Lavender,” is a recording from a recent live performance celebrating an exhibition by artist Pamela Jorden (who also did the cover art for the album) that’s solemn and expressive beneath its washed-out guitar explorations. Strong’s skill in bending familiar aural landscapes into new, elusive forms of expression is exciting … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”