Track Premiere: Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller “The Yellow Bath”

It’s always a good day when two heavyweights like Aaron Turner and Jon Mueller collide. Following up on 2021’s stellar In the Falls, the duo excavates through the bedrock to find the heaviest atmospheres. The collaborative nature of their work crackles through “The Yellow Bath,” the first single from their upcoming, proper debut on American Dreams, Now That You’ve Found It. Turner’s guitar is a viscous mélange … Continue reading Track Premiere: Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller “The Yellow Bath”

Jon Mueller “Family Secret”

I love this quote about Jon Mueller: “As a solo artist, he focuses on the dialog between sound and the situation it’s presented in, often bypassing standard approaches to percussion and considering acoustics and concepts surrounding the work in order to create a larger experience for those listening.” (I’m not sure if this from an official bio or not as I read it on Discogs). … Continue reading Jon Mueller “Family Secret”