Sana Shenai “Warm Former”

Track titles for improvisatory music are very often weird, often obscure, or often arbitrary, and most annoyingly seek to impose form on the formless. Rarely do they match the sound as perfectly as Warm Former’s opener “Lemonlark Meadows”. Splooging out a selection of sharp citrusy tones into a buoyant display of sweet bleep heaven and loops from the Land of Ooo, this LA duo plays … Continue reading Sana Shenai “Warm Former”

Video Premiere: Myriam Gendron “C’est dans les vieux pays”

Months after its release, Myriam Gendron’s Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found continues to enchant and reveal its ageless nature. “C’est dans les vieux pays” is one of the most beguiling pieces on the album with its ancient, heartbroken core distilled into a modern shot of slow-building electricity. Working with director Pascal Plante, Gendron stands in front of a bare wall bathed in muted … Continue reading Video Premiere: Myriam Gendron “C’est dans les vieux pays”

Myriam Gendron “Ma Délire – Songs of love, lost & found”

Myriam Gendron understands timing and the fluid nature of permanence. A seven-year gap between her debut, Not So Deep As A Well, and her stunning new double album, Ma Délire – Songs of love, lost & found, holds out a little longer as the solo guitar intro of opener, “Go Away From My Window,” hums lackadaisical for over a minute before her voice enters the fray. In … Continue reading Myriam Gendron “Ma Délire – Songs of love, lost & found”

O Yama O “Bruxelles”

When it comes to creating vivid, alien worlds through sound and performance, O Yama O always charm and surprise. The duo of Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto are joined by Marie Roux on drum and Billy Steiger on violin for Bruxelles, an enchanting performance from 2019 that sounds beamed in from a distant, ancient universe. It is music of chance and circumstance, built on scavenged sounds … Continue reading O Yama O “Bruxelles”