Video Premiere: Myriam Gendron “C’est dans les vieux pays”

Months after its release, Myriam Gendron’s Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found continues to enchant and reveal its ageless nature. “C’est dans les vieux pays” is one of the most beguiling pieces on the album with its ancient, heartbroken core distilled into a modern shot of slow-building electricity.

Working with director Pascal Plante, Gendron stands in front of a bare wall bathed in muted tones from projections of footage from the Candian Archives. The imagery has a stoicism to it that echoes in her words. As a performance, it’s stark and pointed, and in conjunction with the visuals cements the song’s timelessness. When Nace’s scorched-earth solo takes off toward the end, the palette shifts to red and black, heightening the sonic desolation erupting from his guitar. Buried in the flickering, cryptic images, Gendron still holds the heart of it all. In the dying echoes and dried tears, we can hope it was all just a solemn dream.

Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found is out now on Feeding Tube and Les Albums Claus.

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