Inside No. 9, Episode #2: Electroacoustic Works 1964-2021

Episode #2: Electroacoustic Works 1964-2021 Over the last two years I have found myself, more often than not, returning to musique concrète, noise, and drone. It has been a conduit to escape the prison of lockdown and working from home. I find electroacoustic music and its many genre variations inspiring. It helps me to focus my often unquiet mind. Episode No. 2 of Inside No. 9 opens … Continue reading Inside No. 9, Episode #2: Electroacoustic Works 1964-2021

Lieven Martens “The Habu”

I’ll take any opportunity to visit the ocean. Lieven Martens work – whether under his own name or previously as Dolphins Into the Future – always takes me there. His newest excursion, The Habu, takes multiple detours along the way but ultimately finds new corners of the ocean to delve into. Martens expands his repertoire with the help of Micaela Madeiros on flute, Ana Isabel … Continue reading Lieven Martens “The Habu”