Inside No. 9, Episode #2: Electroacoustic Works 1964-2021

Episode #2: Electroacoustic Works 1964-2021

Over the last two years I have found myself, more often than not, returning to musique concrète, noise, and drone. It has been a conduit to escape the prison of lockdown and working from home. I find electroacoustic music and its many genre variations inspiring. It helps me to focus my often unquiet mind. Episode No. 2 of Inside No. 9 opens with a piece from Luc Ferrari, which is a ferocious journey through sound, belching forth passages from Shakespeare, blasts of noise, mechanical respiration, and tape recordings of big bands and orchestral delights. Jumping forward almost 60 years for part two, Yvette Janine Jackson delivers a rich and disturbing narrative of homophobia via institutional failure from a Black perspective. Beatriz Ferreyra presents an installation of concrete tones, softened by human hands. Insect drones give us time to reflect, courtesy of Christina Kubisch, Yuen Chee Wai, and Michèle Bokanowski. Tomoko Sauvage and Lieven Martens paint vivid worlds which appear distorted and disjointed, drawing dreams in the aether. To conclude the journey, we circle back to the Ferrari’s, this time with a phenomenal work from Brunhidlt Ferrari. Leading the exit to a place of new and exciting audio vistas.

Part 1
Luc Ferrari
Music Promenade

Part 2
Yvette Janine Jackson
Invisible People

Part 3
Christina Kubisch and Fabrizio Plessi

Part 4
Beatriz Ferreyra
Souvenirs Cachés

Part 5
Tomoko Sauvage

Part 6
Lieven Martens
As Falésias – the Cliffs, A Serenade in Two Parts

Part 7
Michèle Bokanowski
Battements solaires

Part 8
Lasse Marhaug and Yuen Chee Wai
In praise of shadows

Part 9
Brunhildt Ferrari
La Piano Englouti

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