more eaze “oneiric”

New solo music from Mari Maurice always makes the world a better place. I still go back to 2020’s mari regularly, but since oneiric turned up, it’s taken over. If ‘oneiric’ means dreaming, or related to dreams, then oneiric is a fantasy world where dreams are a tangible reality; where our emotions are tactile figures embracing us close in one moment before pushing away and disappearing completely the next.  Opener “a … Continue reading more eaze “oneiric”

Lucy Liyou/Yska “A Need/A Want”

It always takes me a little while to process Lucy Liyou’s work and the journey it takes me on. Visceral scenes become sonic assertions in her hands, the ambient drift churning out mountains of pensive tension cascading toward a heaven promised in our better days. Once the moment hits, as it always does in her work, there’s no way to rebuild the dam fast enough. … Continue reading Lucy Liyou/Yska “A Need/A Want”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #10: Matt Evans

Matt Evans’ beautiful album, touchless, has stuck with me since first hearing it a few months ago. With this mix, Evans breathes sunkissed vibes into the ether and gives us a featherweight ecstatic zone to get lost in. But don’t take it from me, here’s what Matt says about it: This is a good mix for high temperature late afternoon daydreams or 10-hour car rides … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #10: Matt Evans

Lucy Liyou “Practice”

Lucy Liyou makes me cry and I like them very much for that. Their debut album, Welfare, was a kaleidoscopic soundscape jumping between moods and styles with elegance. Practice continues that journey, but in a way that feels more expansive and closer than ever at the same time. So much of what makes their music so affecting is the vulnerability woven throughout. Even though text-to-speech … Continue reading Lucy Liyou “Practice”