Foxy Digitalis Mix #10: Matt Evans

Matt Evans’ beautiful album, touchless, has stuck with me since first hearing it a few months ago. With this mix, Evans breathes sunkissed vibes into the ether and gives us a featherweight ecstatic zone to get lost in. But don’t take it from me, here’s what Matt says about it:

This is a good mix for high temperature late afternoon daydreams or 10-hour car rides with no AC — sweaty like a fever dream, great accompaniment to the seductive dance of windblown tree limbs outside your window. mostly instrumental with a handful of songs, big genre mix leaning into transitions. lots of fresh cuts from the last few months and a couple of throwbacks that have been on heavy rotation for me.


Codona — Que Faser [ECM]
KMRU – life at ouri [Seil Records]
Jon Hassell — Dream Theory [Editions EG]
Sam Gendel & Josiah Steinbrick — Mouthfeel 2 [Full Bloom]
bookworms — CPT Symetric Universe(version4b [bookworms]
L’Rain — Find It [Mexican Summer]
Tristen Kasten-Krause Dawn Looming (ft. Matt Evans and Brendon Randall-Meyers) [Whatever’s Clever]
Asa Tone — Inexplicable Notion (Location Specific) [Leaving Records]
Charmaine Lee — Monstas’ Marriage [Erratum]
Erika Dohi — Replicant [37d03d]
OHYUNG — funeral (ft. lucy liyou) [Chinabot]
Booker Stardrum — Fury Passage [NNA Tapes]
Wind❏ws — Presence -excerpt- [Regional Attraction]
Julie Hill — Theme for Ralph Hancock [GALTTA]

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