Track Premiere: TALsounds “Dynasty (DoD Remix)”

For the second anniversary of TALsounds (aka Natalie Chami) exceptional Acquiesce, NNA Tapes are re-releasing the album on tape with a fully-remixed b-side, Requiesce, from Dust of Dreams (aka Rorik Brooks of Cloud Rat). On the original “Dynasty,” Chami’s synthetic dreamscapes follow a disjointed path where glazed-over vistas melt into neon frames. It was always one of my favorites on the album, but Brooks sends it off on a deep-space … Continue reading Track Premiere: TALsounds “Dynasty (DoD Remix)”

Video Premiere: OHYUNG “tucked in my stomach!”

Each time I’ve listened to OHYUNG’s stunning “tucked in my stomach!” I feel like I’ve lived through another lifetime. Piercing sonic passages coalesce with waves of emotive chord changes and lilting tonal arrangements in ways that amplify the smallest moments. Burning memories are woven into the aural fabric of screeching strings, granulated synths, and wistful leads as the piece blossoms and spreads into the strings … Continue reading Video Premiere: OHYUNG “tucked in my stomach!”

Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

On the second offering from JJJJJerome Ellis’s forthcoming opus, The Clearing, the composer and poet creates a space where reflection brings challenges to ingrained ideas and concepts. “My thesis is that Blackness, dysfluency and music are forces that open time,” Ellis states. “Opening brings possibilities: temporal refusal, temporal escape, temporal dissent,” he says, creating a demanding yet engaging suite of music, sound, and poetry with The Clearing that … Continue reading Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #10: Matt Evans

Matt Evans’ beautiful album, touchless, has stuck with me since first hearing it a few months ago. With this mix, Evans breathes sunkissed vibes into the ether and gives us a featherweight ecstatic zone to get lost in. But don’t take it from me, here’s what Matt says about it: This is a good mix for high temperature late afternoon daydreams or 10-hour car rides … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #10: Matt Evans

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

New episode, finally! Lots of great tunes lately, so this is only a small taste. Arushi Jain “Richer Than Blood” (Leaving)(behind) Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen “Night Chant” (577 Records)d’Eon “Poplar” (Hausu Mountain)Kasja Lindgren “Momentary Harmony” (Recital Program)New Chance “Fallen” (We Are Time)Joe McPhee, Michael Marcus, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith “Chatreuse Tulips” (Mahakala Music)(behind) Isnaj Dui “Swoon to Death” (Textura)Nick Storring “Frood” (mappa)Body Meπa “Motherwell” … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

Video Premiere: Booker Stardrum “Walking Through Still Air”

Getting lost is sometimes the best way to escape. In the opening sequence of Booker Stardrum’s beautiful lament, “Walking Through Still Air,” he cascades jewel-encrusted notes into a fuzz-laden pool, waiting for the moment to break free. Jamie Branch’s skittering trumpet lights the fuse and as soon as Stardrum layers in phased-out, raucous percussive samples it’s time for lift-off. Continue reading Video Premiere: Booker Stardrum “Walking Through Still Air”

Video Premiere: Sally Decker “The Loss”

Sally Decker’s “The Loss” lingers well beyond its runtime, a lucid memory running on a loop in your mind. Paired with Emily Chao’s haunting video (made in collaboration with Decker), the thick tension channeled through these four minutes can be felt through your entire body. It’s a stark preview of her forthcoming album, In The Tender Dream, coming soon on NNA Tapes. Opening with bleak, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Sally Decker “The Loss”

Rachika Nayar “Our Hands Against the Dark”

Our Hands Against the Dark holds memories in glass prisms, a delicate balance of remembering the tactile aspects of specific points in time with the need to let go and grab the hand held out in front of you. It’s a deeply felt work that feels carved out of time itself, moments held in stasis to be examined, cherished, and ultimately laid to rest. It … Continue reading Rachika Nayar “Our Hands Against the Dark”