Video Premiere: OHYUNG “tucked in my stomach!”

Each time I’ve listened to OHYUNG’s stunning “tucked in my stomach!” I feel like I’ve lived through another lifetime. Piercing sonic passages coalesce with waves of emotive chord changes and lilting tonal arrangements in ways that amplify the smallest moments. Burning memories are woven into the aural fabric of screeching strings, granulated synths, and wistful leads as the piece blossoms and spreads into the strings suspended within us all. Beauty and pain are simmering within each of us no matter where our bones have been left. OHYUNG’s triumphant, heartbroken melodies are a celebration and a reminder that we aren’t broken, we’re simply refusing to give up.

In Yasmin Adele Majeed’s excellent video for “tucked in my stomach!” footage from across the globe – from Iowa to New York to Pakistan – capture quiet tenderness and active recollections. Flocks of birds circle in the sky. Silhouetted figures move in a darkened room. Streets are filled with vehicles and vendors. The sun eventually sets. Stitched throughout Majeed’s beautiful imagery is a prose poem transmitting a message that permeates these visuals. The combination of words, images, and sound is astonishing and impossible to turn away from. 

OHYUNG’s remarkable imagine naked! will be released on April 22 via NNA Tapes. Pre-order HERE.

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