Track Premiere: TALsounds “Dynasty (DoD Remix)”

For the second anniversary of TALsounds (aka Natalie Chami) exceptional Acquiesce, NNA Tapes are re-releasing the album on tape with a fully-remixed b-side, Requiesce, from Dust of Dreams (aka Rorik Brooks of Cloud Rat). On the original “Dynasty,” Chami’s synthetic dreamscapes follow a disjointed path where glazed-over vistas melt into neon frames. It was always one of my favorites on the album, but Brooks sends it off on a deep-space journey through futurist jazz clubs and gravity-free dancefloors.

“People have always wanted to hear beats with my music (I know because they’d tell me). I barely ever provided them the pleasure, but I secretly also have always been curious,” Chami reveals. With Recquiesce, Brooks obliges and the result still sounds like TALsounds, but with a differently-angled edge. “Being able to put a meter to my grid-less tunes… he might be a mathematician genius.”

For his part, Brooks kept the magic thread that makes “Dynasty” so captivating, but blitzed it with progressive rhythms and heavy drops. He says, “I’m a huge fan of Natalie’s work, so I was thrilled to have the chance to collaborate on this project, maybe even a little nervous” In the closing squalls of “Dynasty,” the frenetic energy coalesces into a focused, rhythmic exultation to find a cathartic conclusion.

Acquiesce/Requiesce is out on NNA Tapes today. Grab it HERE and stream “Dynasty (DoD Remix” below.

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