Powers / Rolin Duo “Strange Fortune”

Some mornings when I wake up, the whole house is still and everyone else is still asleep. On my less frantic days, I’ll just lie in bed, thinking about the day ahead and trying to set positive intentions. Usually, I’m awake before dawn, so I’ll watch as the window begins to softly glow, welcoming the sun back to Earth. These small rituals are the signposts … Continue reading Powers / Rolin Duo “Strange Fortune”

Greycz/Powers/Rolin “Beacon”

Jen Powers and Matthew Rolin have done a lot of fantastic duo work together in the past couple years and honestly the combination of hammered dulcimer and 12-string guitar is such a winner that you’ll find me bowing down at whatever altar they’re putting up. In the hands of not just skilled players, but astral travelers, those two instruments run the cycle, sounding like bright, … Continue reading Greycz/Powers/Rolin “Beacon”