Track Premiere: Matthew J. Rolin “Fourth Street”

Photo by Jen Powers

A wistful thread runs through the winding guitar arrangements of Matthew J. Rolin’s “Fourth Street.” Without a word, lifetimes pass imbued with dichotomies and a grateful sheen. Through the years, Rolin has shown he can play anything on a guitar. His technical ability glows throughout Passing, his forthcoming record on American Dreams, but affective depth and dexterity in his music are what sets it apart. About the song, “An ode to the loud and never uninteresting street where my life was forever changed,” Rolin explains. Fingerpicked progressions sing with sentimentality, obscuring the harsh edges that sit in the shadows. (and don’t miss this video of Rolin playing on the porch for NPR’s tiny desk submissions). 

American Dreams will release Passing on October 4. Stream below and pre-order HERE.  

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