Track Premiere: Nyokabi Kariũki “Nazama”

A breathtaking mix of catharsis, weariness, and aspiration flickers like golden fireworks through “Nazama,” the final track on Nyokabi Kariũki’s forthcoming FEELING BODY. Borne from a period of extended illness, a gauntlet of emotions emerges from an aqueous soundworld, where recovery opens pathways to growth and reflection. Kariũki uses layers of her voice to create her own choir, buoying the aquatic field recordings and shifting through … Continue reading Track Premiere: Nyokabi Kariũki “Nazama”

Nyokabi Kariuki “peace places: kenyan memories”

It may seem obvious to say that place is integral to Nyokabi Kariuki’s newest EP, peace places: kenyan memories, but across these six pieces, the Kenyan composer brings listeners into her innermost world. Each song is based on a place of personal significance to her and the emotional depth laced through every sound and every passage is captivating and heightened by Kariuki’s use of field recordings. … Continue reading Nyokabi Kariuki “peace places: kenyan memories”