Foxy Digitalis Daily – 2/27/23: Lunar Corp “Tourism”

It’s a new week! We’re still here! Made it through one hell of a lightning show last night – real spring storm vibes here. Crammed in a bunch of news about Laila Sakini & Valentina Magaletti, the “INSHA” compilation of Kenyan ambient music, and the return of Union Pole.

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Album of the day is: Lunar Corp “Tourism”

Additional links for the day:

Lunar Corp interview
INSHA compilation
Laila Sakini & Valentina Magaletti CUPO (Bandcamp)
Laila Sakini & Valentina Magaletti CUPO (Boomkat)
Ayami Suzuki & Takashi Masubuchi Featherland (Union Pole)

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