Video Premiere: Obsidian Shard “Passion for Eternity”

There’s a hazy shroud of mystery surrounding Obsidian Shard that only heightens the experience of listening to their angular electronic compositions. “Passion for Eternity” comes from their forthcoming album on Histamine Tapes and offers glimpses of speculative sonics overcast by stochastic rhythms. Electronics swirl and glitch before black holes randomly open to swallow the stilted melodies and leave nothing but a tonal halo in its … Continue reading Video Premiere: Obsidian Shard “Passion for Eternity”

A Compiled List of Excellent 2021 Compilations

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a couple weeks to put together a list of compilations from this year I quite liked, but never was able to get it together. Anyway, as with most things I kept a running list all year and decided at the … Continue reading A Compiled List of Excellent 2021 Compilations

Bastian Void “Topia”

The world of possibility is endless on Topia; expanding landscapes are digital playgrounds for dreams becoming reality and that reality living forever. Bastian Void’s Joe Bastardo has often explored these sonic universes where the future materializes into skyward visages laden with glassine shimmer. He knows how to weave a hook into crystal waves, all held up by entrancing beats with simple, beguiling foundations, and Topia is his opus. … Continue reading Bastian Void “Topia”

Video Premiere: Bastian Void “Poly’s Hallway”

Bastian Void’s Topia is my favorite missive from the project so far. Topia is an alternative reality where the neon never fades and the golden skyways go past the horizon. On “Poly’s Hallway,” synthesizers percolate in a rhythmic maze as pads drift and swell effortlessly above the cybernetic city. Beguiling animations built with rudimentary architecture and vivid hues bring Bastian Void’s futuristic world to life. Let’s meet in Topia next to … Continue reading Video Premiere: Bastian Void “Poly’s Hallway”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #32: Bastian Void

A few months ago when I published The Triforce mix, Joe Bastardo (aka Bastian Void) reached out to see if I’d be interested in another mix of video game music sometime down the road. When he told me about some of the more obscure and out-there stuff he was thinking about, I couldn’t say yes quick enough.  Not to repeat myself, but Joe and I go … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #32: Bastian Void