Video Premiere: Obsidian Shard “Passion for Eternity”

There’s a hazy shroud of mystery surrounding Obsidian Shard that only heightens the experience of listening to their angular electronic compositions. “Passion for Eternity” comes from their forthcoming album on Histamine Tapes and offers glimpses of speculative sonics overcast by stochastic rhythms. Electronics swirl and glitch before black holes randomly open to swallow the stilted melodies and leave nothing but a tonal halo in its wake. The video jumps across mayhem-infused visuals, blasting images through a pixelated Wurlitzer, creating obscured glimpses of the future. “Passion for Eternity” twists the gears that open the gates of heaven and pummels them into a fine black mist. It’s excellent.

Obsidian Shard has previously released tapes on Oxtail Recordings, Flophouse, and Blue Tapes. They can be found via their Bandcamp HERE. Their new album will be released on March 11 by Histamine Tapes.

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