Video Premiere: Earl Vallie “Ready to Die”

Everything about Earl Vallie’s new album, Ghost Approaches, is larger than life. It’s perhaps especially appropriate, then, that the opening track is called “Ready to Die.” Vallie goes all-out from the opening crunch, shedding layers as the lead guitar wail bashes through every pane of glass and wall of sheetrock thrown in front of it. As the song moves forward, its gravity becomes an all-encompassing sonic … Continue reading Video Premiere: Earl Vallie “Ready to Die”

Dominque’s Ethereal Fantasy Worlds

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Dominique uses the term “interdimensional” when describing her music and her approach to writing. On her new album, The Instruction Manual, this transitory effect is front and center. Her voice is the beacon at the center of it all, but musically she fuses so many disparate yet visionary ideas into this … Continue reading Dominque’s Ethereal Fantasy Worlds

Dominique “The Instruction Manual”

Across seven beguiling tracks filled with lush instrumentation, enigmatic ideas, and hypnotic reveries, nothing is more powerful than Dominique’s spellbinding voice. Her range is endless. The physicality woven into each breath is a wonder. Ancient energy flows through the opening chants of “Whenever It Is The Same,” Dominique channeling that power into dynamic, cinematic sonic monoliths. From those first wails to the closing gasps and … Continue reading Dominique “The Instruction Manual”

Let’s Get Stoned Together: Premiere & Interview w/ Jeffrey Silverstein

If there was ever an album that was ripe for a stellar tribute, it was Ted Lucas’s magical self-titled record. Portland, Oregon songwriter Jeffrey Silverstein was asked by Perpetual Doom to head up the project the label couldn’t have made a better choice. Silverstein, whose own solo work is quite wonderful itself, brought together a diverse array of artists to keep the spirit of Lucas’s … Continue reading Let’s Get Stoned Together: Premiere & Interview w/ Jeffrey Silverstein