Video Premiere: Earl Vallie “Ready to Die”

Everything about Earl Vallie’s new album, Ghost Approaches, is larger than life. It’s perhaps especially appropriate, then, that the opening track is called “Ready to Die.” Vallie goes all-out from the opening crunch, shedding layers as the lead guitar wail bashes through every pane of glass and wall of sheetrock thrown in front of it. As the song moves forward, its gravity becomes an all-encompassing sonic maelstrom with Vallie’s emotive howl plowing ahead like an unstoppable fire. Energetic progressions grow into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Directed by Joseph Kenneth, the video gets into the guts of life as a working artist and the banal drudgery involved. Vallie’s spirit carries it, though, bringing infectious enthusiasm that highlights the power of the song.

Ghost Approaches is out TODAY via Perpetual Doom. Grab it HERE or stream below.

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