Track Premiere: Marcel Sletten “Sassafras”

The forest is aglow with bountiful arpeggios on the second single from Marcel Sletten’s forthcoming double album, Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh. “Sassafras” rises in pointed succession, the sun’s neon arc following a preplanned succession of aerial points. Warm synth pads move with purpose even with a softness around the edges. Plans always go awry, though, and the beauty of the moment becomes more … Continue reading Track Premiere: Marcel Sletten “Sassafras”

Cucina Povera “Lumme”

Primordial Void keeps their hot streak going with another spellbinding album, this time from Finnish artist Cucina Povera. Lumme, her fourth album, is an hour-long excursion through a decadent haze. Cucina Povera is the work of Maria Rossi, a Finnish musician, and sound artist, and from the opening 20-minute masterpiece, “Sinisen ruusun tapaus,” I am completely enraptured. The improvised voice and organ piece is ghostly and … Continue reading Cucina Povera “Lumme”

Dividers “Once More With Feeling”

Primordial Void timed this one just right. I love getting all jangly in the spring and Dividers oblige that with aplomb on More With Feeling. Lofi country vibes galore as this five song EP worms its way deeper into my heart with each subsequent listen. Bumping rhythms underlie the good times of “Dead Flowers,” rattling along in a hiss-laden, reverb-soaked honky tonk jam. Hell yes! … Continue reading Dividers “Once More With Feeling”