Track Premiere: Marcel Sletten “Sassafras”

The forest is aglow with bountiful arpeggios on the second single from Marcel Sletten’s forthcoming double album, Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh. “Sassafras” rises in pointed succession, the sun’s neon arc following a preplanned succession of aerial points. Warm synth pads move with purpose even with a softness around the edges. Plans always go awry, though, and the beauty of the moment becomes more than Sletten can take as he fires away new, coalescing patterns that permeate “Sassafras” with soul and purpose. The dizzying composition is tactile, wrapping around our bodies and lifting us like offerings to light.

Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh is an incredible achievement for Sletten, expanding his range and pushing his sonic craft into the future. It will be released on February 25 via his label, Primordial Void. Pre-order below.

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