Robert Takahashi Crouch “Jubilee”

In the cold light of a winter morning, sharp air flowing like a stream of microscopic daggers against the skin, Robert Takahashi Crouch’s Jubilee sits in the shadows. Crouch asks in the notes about the album, “What can be communicated in my chosen medium, how can I do this, and where (or what) is the porous boundary between my authorship and the listeners’ agency?” The last question … Continue reading Robert Takahashi Crouch “Jubilee”

Video Premiere: Robert Takahashi Crouch “Reconciliation”

Robert Takahashi Crouch’s new album, Jubilee, is a crucible. Buried deep within its molten confines are remnants of an existential crisis and conflict, melted into a simmering sonic narrative. First offering, “Reconciliation,” shifts the viewpoint, rising slowly and purposefully from the fire. Modulating drones grow and contract, building up the nerve to plunge into the depths, to find the glowing core and extinguish its traumatic … Continue reading Video Premiere: Robert Takahashi Crouch “Reconciliation”